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Classification Name Unit C92K-80
Main Technical Max. Striking Energy KJ 80
Parameter Max. Striking Energy 59008
Max. Striking Energy kgm 8160
Max. Striking Frequency 1/min 75
Max. Stroke mm 810
Min. Stroke mm 560

2 Weight Total Weight ton 120
U Frame Weight kg 88000
Hammer Head Weight kg 5650
3 Dimension Total Height mm 7300
Height above Ground mm 5910
Height Below Ground mm 1390
U Frame Bottom Size mm 3150◊2050
(Left Right*Front back)

4 Working Area Guide Rail mm 850
Hammer Head Depth mm 800
Min. Die Height(without Dovetail) mm 280
Max. Die Height(without Dovetail) mm 530
Sow Block Height mm 700

5 Flow Parameter Main Pump Flow Capacity L/min 290◊2
Oil Tank Volume L 2900
Max. Hydraulic Pressure Mpa 20
Accumulator Pre-charging Pressure Mpa 12
Main Motor Power Kw 90◊2
6 Electrical Cooler Model YLD600PA
Cooling Capacity Kcal/h 60000

7 Connecting Compressed Air Pressure Mpa 0.5
Parameter Flow Quantity m ^3/h 30
Power Supply V
Power Supply Capacity Kw 250

Ejector Motor Power Kw 22

( For Option) Pump Flow L/Min 60
Pressure Mpa 28

T/T, 30% down payment, 70% shall be paid after shipped on board against shipping document. Production Time:
within 120days since received 30% down payment. Shipped On Board Time: within 20days after finished production time.
Installation and Commissioning:
Our company will send two engineers and one Chinese-English translator
for hammer guiding installation and trial running, customer has to arrange at least three workers and one
engineer, and also crane/tools during installation, and our engineers will work together with your people, during installation we explain the working principle, name of every parts and itís functions to your engineer
and worker team. After the installation, our engineers will teach customers operators and engineers how to
use the hammer and control systems, also maintenance.
Cost of Installation and Commissioning:
without additional costs, but buyer has to cover the international
airfare, foods, rooms and daily transportation during the installation and commissioning period (estimate
time 15 working days).
Machine Guarantee Period:
Our company offer 1 year quality grantee for the whole machine (except
wearing parts), the grantee time started from the date of successfully installation and trail running and sign
the commissioning finished papers. Within in the quality grantee time, if any parts damaged because of
quality or using materials or itís manufacturing craftsmanship, our company covers the costs of sending the
replacement parts based on DAP, if buyer can not fix the problem through email/telephone/fax, our company
Response to send engineer and covering relative costs.