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ConditionGood Condition
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Billet size:8inch x800mm
Extrusion speed: 15mm/sec
Main motor:140kw x 2ea
Pump: 130liter/min x2ea(Model:WOMA 1802-P35), Max. 550bar

(Main body)
Main ram forward (diameter x stroke):1289mm x2160mm x1ea
Main ram return(diameter x stroke):292mm x2160mm x2ea
Pierce forward (diameter x stroke):540mm x2160mm x1ea
Pierce return(diameter x stroke):121mm x2160mm x2ea
Container size(dia.):1200mm x1030mm
Cylinder:110mm dia. X1570mm stroke x2ea(80kg/cm2), oil pressure
Extrusion plumbing:6inch
Ram speed:60mm/s
Ram control valve: Ball valve
Valve: on/off duration 6.5sec
ConditionGood Condition
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Capacity Main Cylinder/Piercer (tons): 2464
Piercer, Internal (tons): 415
Billet Size (Dia x length mm): 207, 230, 280
Billet Length: 660
Billet Weight: 360
Number of Containers:
number of Piercer Stems:
Production Tube Diameter (mm): 80 to 185
Production Tube thickness (mm): 6 to 15
Production Tube Length (mm): 14000
Extruding Speed (mm/sec): 43
Die Slide: yes, 2 position
Butt Shear: yes
Main Motor & Pumps
Main Motor (KW): 375, 1185, 3300 volt
Pumps: (6) Oil Gear
Hydraulic Operating Pressure (kg/cm2): 230
Flow (Liter / min) : 462
YOM1958 and refurbished in 1997 with new
ConditionGood Condition
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4 column, Gatelock type Rod Press
Extrusion:1800 US tons @ 3000 psi
Closing:134 US tons @ 3000 psi
Return:80 US tons @ 3000 psi
Container Seal:80 US tons @ 3000 psi
Container Open:134 US tons @ 3000 psi
Butt Shear:67 US tons @ 3000 psi
Extrusion speed:1.5 to 38 mm/sec
Billet Size :Currently configured for 150 mm and
203 mm billet. Maximum size available
Billet Length (maximum): 584 mm
Hydraulics: Oilgear
3 main pumps Variable Delivery Oilgear
DV 150. 3 x 200 HP main drive motors.
Electrical Connection:415 V 3 Phase 50 Hz
Container Heating: 30 kW
Die Stack:305 mm dia x 213 thick
Electrical Control: Omron PLC with PC graphics screen and press monitor
Major Tool: 3 x Containers and 3 x stems for
150 mm billets.
1 x Container and 2 x stems for
203 mm dia billet.
Please note that this press is suitable for extrusion of both aluminum and brass.
Runout Equipment
Initial Table
Single Coiler
Runout Table
Cross transfer table
Saw feed conveyor
Cold product cut to length saw
Coil conveyor
Coil final quench tank
Back end testing device for coil (Nick and Break)
Coil removal capstan
Runout Table:Effective length 30m
Width: 400 mm
Cast Iron cooling plates
Cooling Table: Effective length 30 m
Width of Cooling table 2700 mm
Saw Charge Table:Length 25m
Width 400 mm
Cutting saw :Donaldson Saw
Range 150 mm h x 75 mm w (approx.)
Motor 10 HP
Saw Gauge Table: Length 6300 mm
Width 400 mm
Cutting length range 1600 mm- 6300 mm
Coiler: Single unit
Drum Size 905 mm OD x 618 mm ID
Depth 250 mm
Drive 1x_.kW MicroDrive variable
speed AC motor drive
Coiler to suit Wire 3.6 mm - 20 mm dia
Flat to 25.4 mm x 3.2 mm
Electrical Connection: 415V 3 Phase 50 Hz
Ancillary Press Equipment
Comprising :Electric Die Oven - ___kW
1 t electric jib hoist for
tool loading
Die grit blasting machine
Pedestal drill
Tool assembly tables
Tool racks
Billet heater
Make:Maker unknown but utilizes all North
American burner equipment. All gas
train equipment fitted during recent
Year:Manufactured in 1973 and had a major refurbishment in 1987.
Type:Natural Gas Fired Reverberator Furnace
Current Operating Rate: 1.64 tons/hr. (150 mm Dia. Billet)
Electrical Specification:415 Volt 3 Phase 50 Hz