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ConditionGood Condition
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Capacity: 630 ton
Return force of ram 900kn
Ejector force bed ejector 200/2000 kn
Counter action force of the bed ejector up to -2000 kn
Energy of blow 6300 kpm =63 kj
Drop weight (without tooling) 17t
Maximum admissible drop height 350mm
Ram stroke ,steplessly adjustable - 1400mm
Largest distance bed/ram (stroke up) -2100mm
Smallest distance bed/ram (stroke down) 700mm
Stroke bed ejector ,steplessly adjustable 1300mm
Day light between guides 1240mm
Daylight between the lateral upright opening - 450mm
Thickness of the bolster plate 250mm
Area of press bed width -1250mm
Depth -1500mm
Area of press ram width 1200mm
Depth 1470mm
Idle up and down speed of the ram , steplessly adjustable upto -525mm/sec
Press speed of the ram adjustable upto 90mm/sec
Idel up speed of the ejector or press up speed upto 200kn (bed )
Steplessly adjustable upto 280mm/sec
Press up speed of the ejector for a press force of approx 200 to 2000 kn upto-28mm/sec
Ram ejector force 240kn
Down speed of the ram ejector steplessly adjustable upto 200mm/sec
Ram ejector stroke steplessly adjustable 100mm/sec
Motor powers 2 x 100kw
1 x10kw
1 x 22kw
Overall weight of the machine including control desk approx. 197000 KG
Height of the machine above floor - 8000mm
Oil quantity of in the press head 4200 ltr
Oil quqntity in the control desk - 1000 ltr
Operating voltage at 50 cycles 380 volts
Control voltage 220 volts
ConditionBrand New
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Capacity : 1000 ton,
Return force : 1300 kN,
Max working oil pressure : 25 MPs,
Daylight : 2700 mm,
Stroke of slide : 1350 mm,
Dimension of worktable (LR x FB) : 1400 x 1600 mm,
Worktable size (LR x FB) : 1400 x 1600 mm,
Eject force : 500 kn,
Eject stroke : 710 mm,
Speed of eject up : 150 mm,
Speed of slide,
Fast down : 300 mm,
Work : 54-96 mm,
Fast return : 300 mm,
Total power : 1500 Kw,
Machine structure integrated frame,
Medium no 46 hydraulic oil.
ConditionExcellent condition,under power
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4500 metric ton Indirect Hydraulic Extrusion Press,4 coloumn design, Container, Length: 1600mm, Bore: 260mm, Billet size, diameter:254mm to 419mm,max.length:1499mm, working pressure:3,625 PSI+, Extrusion force, Stroke of moving: crosshead:3200mm stroke of container: 3566mm, stroke of mandrel:1554mm, stroke of shear:792mm, drive, direct hp oil pump drive, pump quantity,variable delivery:3, constant delivery 3, pump data:(each pump), working pressure:3,625 PSI, delivery volume: 198 gal/min, driving power: 300kW 870RPM,
YOMBrand New
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Capacity: 5000 kN
Max. oil pressure:25MPa
Slide return force:1000 kN
Knockout force:1200kN
Stroke of slide:700mm
Stroke of knockout:200mm
Max. daylight:1200mm
Speed of slide Down mm/s 220
Working mm/s 15~30
Return mm/s 200
Valid area of worktable Left-right:800mm
Dimension of press:Left-right:3950mm
Height above floor:6350mm
Depth under floor:2040mm
Total motor power:102KW
ConditionBrand New
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Capacity : 3150 kN,
Max. oil pressure 26 MPa,
Slide return force >400 kN,
Strok of slide 3200 mm,
Worktable above floor 1000 mm,
Max. daylight 3500 mm,
Speed id slide - Down 250 mm/s, Working 165 mm/s, Return 250 mm/s,
Valid area of worktable - Left-right 1000 mm, Front-back 800 mm,
Total motor power 766 KW.
ConditionBrand New
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Capacity : 8000 kN,
Max. oil pressure 26 MPa,
Slide return force 1000 kN,
Strok of slide 1700 mm,
Worktable above floor 1000 mm,
Max. daylight 3000 mm,
Speed id slide - Down 350 mm/s, Working 165 mm/s, Return 350 mm/s,
Valid area of worktable - Left-right 1600 mm, Front-back 1600 mm,
Total motor power 1445 KW.
ConditionBrand New
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Capacity 15000 Kn,
Max. oil pressure 25 Mpa,
Slide return force 1000 Kn,
Knockout force 1000 kn,
Stoke of slide 600 mm,
Stroke of knockout 200 mm,
Max. daylight 1000 mm,
Speed of slide : Down - 200 mm/s, Working - 3~5 mm/s, Return - 200 mm/s,
Valid area of workable :
Left-right - 1100 mm,
From-back - 1100 mm,
Power of motor 98 kW.
MakeKolomna Russia
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2500 tons , Slide stroke 2460 mm,
Press dimensions 19500 x 9800 x 5120 mm,
Press weight 277 tons ,

complete in mechanical parts, incomplete in electric box and manager station.
The press set includes the press itself, a inductive furnace, a cutting device and a feeder.
The machine is purposed for making aluminium bars and cutouts by direct hot pressing.
ModelGOF5000 MP
ConditionVery good condition
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Max. ram force, kN : 50000,
Bed area : 1700 x 2600 mm,
Total weight : 240 000 kg,
Max. slide power : 5000 Mp,
Slide dimensions : 1700 x 2600 mm,
Table dimensions : 1700 x 2600 mm,
Slide stroke : 400 mm,
Skip feed : 200 mm/s,
Feed range : 11-6 mm/s,
Power demand : 350 kW,
Line voltage : 380V, 50 Hz,
Control voltage : 110 V AC, 24 V DC,
Machine weight app. : 240 ton,
Oil demand : 4460 l,
Pump system : on the top of the press.