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EPC series electric screw press is a kind of energy-saving precision die forging equipment EPC series motor, mechanical transmission type electric screw press, this machine adopt servo motor type switch magnetic resistance speed, has a large starting torque, high performance good characteristic.
Electric control system adopts programmable controller (PLC) as the master device, improve the reliability of the machine running. the human-machine interface (HMI) operator and the machine of information exchange, convenient for the user to hit energy parameter setting and the fault display of the machine.
Machine has a partial load resistance is strong, die stress is small. long service life and high precision forging parts, in terms of energy saving, accurate control of strike forge is superior to the traditional screw press. Suitable for die forging, precision pressure, such as correction, bending, stamping process. Is the train, automobile, tractor, ship, aviation, hardware tools, medical equipment, tableware and other, industrial ideal precision forging equipment.
Nominal Force : 6300 kN
Allowed force : 1000 kN
Kinetic energy : 72/36 kJ
Slide stroke : 450 mm
Number of stroke : 20 min-1
Minimum mounting height : 640 mm
Thickness of table pad : 140 mm
Table size : 800x750 mm
Motor Power : 75x2 kw
ConditionBrand New
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EP series CNC( computer numeric control) electric screw press is a kind of high automatic , energy saving and environmental protection forging equipment with high technical adaptability. It can be used both in Hot forging and precise forging and trimming. Applied in stainless steel double bottom pot pressing and precise forging of titanium alloy vanes and other vanes. Patent
No.: ZL 200720024996.5
The machine has following advantages :-
1.Simple struture , short transmissoin chain belt, less frequent maintence, Easy operation.
2. BLDC motor, instant start and instant stop. The motor rotate when the press is forging the workpiece,and will stop rotating instantly after forging.It's high efficiency.
3.low noise of main motor.
4. left and right working window, convient to transfer the workpieces.
5. high precision of ram orientatation, mini clearance of guide strips, strong capability for anti declination, suitable for multiple-die forging. 6. intellectualized detecting system
7. pre-set blowing force precisely, adjust energy and blowing force according the requiments of workpieces, prolong the working life of the molds.
8. photoelectricity protection system to protect the machine.
Nominal force : 4000 KN,
Max allowing central load : 6400 KN,
Moving parts energy : 40 KJ,
Ram Stroke : 410 mm,
No. of ram stroke : 24 min,
Min die height : 480 mm,
Effective size of ram bottom -
front / back : 760 mm,
left / right : 600 mm,
Dimension of table bolster -
front / back : 820 mm,
left / right : 730 mm,
height : 120 mm,
Distance between guide strip : 640 mm,
Lower ejecting force : 60 KN,
Lower ejecting stroke : 80 mm,
Lower ejecting mode pneumatic,
Overall -
front / back : 1910 mm,
left / right : 3490 mm,
height : 4500 mm,
Main motor power : 55 kW,
Height above the ground : 4260 mm,
Weight : 24800 kg.