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1) EJY 12.5MN Hydraulic Calibration machine (Press are to be used for the 8000 ton hot forging press.)
Qty : 1 set,
Nominal pressure : 12.5 mn,
Max stroke of slider : 750 mm,
Min closing height : 550 mm,
Distance between pillars : 2200 mm,
Working pressure for hydraulic system : 25 MPa,
Slider speed idle speed : 450 mm,
Idle speed compression 21 Mpa : 36 mm,
Working speed compression 25 Mpa : 36 mm,
Return speed : 400 mm,
Working table size left to right : 1400 mm,
Working table size backwards to forwards : 1300 mm,
Ejector force : 300 Kn,
Slide block face size left to right : 1360 mm,
Slide block face size backwards to forwards : 1300 mm,
Stroke of ejector rod : 120 mm,
Return force : 1 MN,
Oil pressure of ejector : 25 MPa,
Press external dimensions : left to right : 2050 mm,
Press external dimensions backwards to forwards : 2900 mm,
press external dimensions height : 6430 mm,
Elevation above floor : 8015 mm,
Main motor power : 4 x 160 KW,
Main motor rotate speed : 1000 r/min,
Voltage : 380 V,
main oil pump flow : 4 x 500 L/min,
Cooling water consumption : 15 m3/h,
Press Weight : 90 ton.
Including : Foundation elements (Anchor bolts etc.), Bottom ejector, Hydraulic system (Source of hydraulic system power connected with die holder interface, simple electric controlled), Control desk and electric cabinet (include the cable from press to electric cabinet about 15 meters; Control system such as Siemens S7-300, Programming software.
2) Quick wear parts for two years operation =
Qty : 1 lot,
Including : The scope of supply as per item VI of technical quotation.
3) Installation and commissioning =
Including : Erection and commissioning period is about 60 days based on condition of all manufacturing parts, purchased parts, workshop and infrastructure are all ready for erection and commissioning, The price of installation and commissioning include cost of the construction machinery transportation and cost of special tools for contruction, The Buyer will be responsible to supply the lifting facility for lifting the parts during installation, The buyer will provide the necessary contruction condition, such as. a) To assist erection party in the acquisition or lease of scaffolds, springboards and sleepers for installation. b) To provide the oxygen, acetylene, argon and temporary power supply for installation site. c) To provide all erection cranes used in the construction, d) Foundation construction preloading and foundation grouting material for the second time will be responsibility by the buyer.
4) Training and Service =
Qty : CNY2,540 man/day. Total 4 persond, 60 days
Including : The final price will be calculated by actual man/day.
This press is a new machine. It is not the equipment in stock.