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Conditioncan be inspected under power
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700 Ton,
Hammers 4 nos., 7mn Force,
1-340 Strokes Per Minute,
Adjustment 250 mm,
Diameter Setting Range 160 mm,
Max Bar Length (Auto Loading) 3500 mm,
Max Bar Length (Crane Loading) 4200 mm,
Starting Sizes:
Max Diameter 350 mm,
Max Square 300 mm,
Max Weight 3 Ton,
Forgeable Sizes For Hot Forging Of Bars:
Min Diameter 60 mm,
Min Square 70 mm,
Max Flat Width 240 mm,
Min Height 40 mm,
Ration Thickness To Width 1:6 Max,
Equipped With:
Motor 1360 kW,
Power Requirement 1700 kW.
ConditionVery good condition
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Forging power 800 tons,
Stroke per minute 150,
Max. diameter of work piece
soft alloy:680mm,
hard alloy:535mm,
Min. diameter of rod 170 mm,
Max. lenght of rod 12000 mm,
Min. work piece length 1700 mm,
Shear force 1350t,
Max. openning 630mm,
Number of cut per minute 10,
Max. loading of rotary table 4t,
Max. openning of manipulator 750 mm,
Weight 800 tons.