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Dia of workpiece 800 mm,max. outer circular modul 16 mm, max. tooth depth 33 mm, max. pitch cone radius at spiral angle 30 degrees: 420 mm, max. face width 100 mm, pitch cone angle 84-6 degree, max. hypoid offset +80/-80 mm, distance between workhead spindle face & machine center 125-560 mm, grinding wheel dia 6/9/12/18 inch, overall dimensions (LxWxH): 3450 x 3500 x 2200 mm, max.weight 11500 kg, Control: CNC Siemens, the machine is designed for grinding of high class heat treated spiral bevel & hypoid gears, the machine works in form generating method by cylinder grinding wheels or segmental heads equipped with abrasive sticks, machining of concave & convex side of tooth can be carried out separately in two operations or simultaneously (for driven gears), wheel dressing carried out by variable-speed diamond rolls, it allows to select the modes of dressing over wide range, mutually transverse controlled motions of dressing device & tool spindle permit to correct form, pressure angles & apical radiuses of grinding wheel, speeds of rotation of tool spindle & dressing roll are steplessly variable, rotation speed of grinding wheel, dressing speed, ratio of roll cycle time can be entered into program with operators panel or automatically set with the program input for machining of definite part. Delivery 6 months