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ConditionGood Condition
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Max. wheel diameter: 300 mm,
Gear width: 400 mm,
Max. module: 15,
Min module: 0,5
Table diameter:240 mm,
Work piece weight: 200 kg,
Total power requirement: 5 kW,
Weight of the machine ca: 2,5 t,
Dimensions of the machine ca: 3,0 x 1,6 x 2,0 m,
Control: CNC
ConditionGood Condition
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Max. wheel diameter: 600 mm,
Gear width: 450,600 mm,
Distance gear spindle/pinion head: 40-450 mm,
Distance pinion spindle head/gear head: 160-600 mm,
Axis adjustment+/-: 60 mm,
Spindle turning speed- stepless: 1-2120 U/min,
Spindle bore: 130 mm,
Taper in main spindle: MK60,
Total power requirement: 30 kW,
Weight of the machine ca: 6,4 t,
Dimensions of the machine ca: 2,8 x 1,8 x 2,1 m,
Control: CNC
YOMRebuilt in 2004
ConditionExcellent condition,under power
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Module .7-20 mm, Gear Diameter 1181, Base Circle Diameter, Infinitely Variable -1132, Circle Segment -925 mm, Helix or Lead Angle 0 - 90 deg, Base Helix Angle for lines of action 0 - 45 deg, Tooth Length, measured in one continuous movement -246mm, Vertical Tracer Stylus Adjustment, Overall 590 mm, Max. Test Gear Weight 3304 lbs, Distance Between Centers 1132 mm, Max. Gear Diameter Between Centers -885 mm, Max. Gear Diameter w/levelling device & ext. arms 123 1338, Length x Width 1948 x 1220 mm.
YOMBrand New
ConditionBrand New
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Maximum diameter of driven bevel
gear 800 mm,
Maximum diameter of external cylindrical
gear 900 mm,
Maximum diameter of internal cylindrical
gear 990 mm,
Maximum outer circular module of
gear 16 mm,
Maximum outer cone distance of driven bevel and hypoid gear 400 mm, Maximum offset of hypoid gear :
up 200 mm
down 110 mm,
Diameter of taper hole in spindles 153 mm,
Shaft angle 0-180 degrees,
Nose of drive spindle to center of driven
spindle 100-560 mm,
Nose of driven spindle to center of drive
spindle 0-1260 mm,
Center distance (for cylindrical gears)90-550 mm,
Drive spindle rotational speed 270-1560 rpm,
Main drive electric motor power 6,9/9,0 kW,
Overall dimensions of machine with
electric equipment 3990 х 2640 х 1905 mm,
Weight of machine with electric equipment 7160 kg.