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ConditionGood Condition
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Grinding wheels - 300 each mm
Grinding wheel height approx. 60 mm
Workpiece diameter / height approx. 30 x 30 mm
Vertical quill adjustment, 100 each mm
hydr. Infeed pulses 0.001 - 0.02 mm
Outside diameter of the transport disk approx.404 mm
Concentricity device feed stfl. 21 - 200 mm / s
Grinding wheel speed each (18 m / s) 1,150 rpm
Grinding spindle drive 7.5 kW each
Total drive approx. 22 kW / 380 V / 50 Hz
Weight approx. 4,000 kg
Accessories / special equipment:

*Workpiece rotary device with transport disc and stepless speed regulation,
Stacking device for small round workpieces (discs)
2 adjustable workpiece hold-down devices - one of them with height control
* DISKUS IONIC measuring control no.9 with display and control unit (still to be clarified), and
with adjustable holder for the probe, a probe available
* Hydraulic grinding wheel infeed via inching mode or via the measuring control
* Motorized rapid traverse for both grinding spindles
* Hydraulically swiveling dresser mounted on the left, can be triggered manually
* Ampere displays for both grinding spindle drives, left and right rotation possible
* Grease central lubrication * separate, simple coolant device
* separate control cabinet, separate hydraulic system.
ConditionGood Condition
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Grinding wheel x bore x height, each 600 x 150 x 75 mm
Approximate Workpiece dimensions:
Grinding height, approx. 1.5 50 mm
Grinding width, appox. 20 - 120 mm
Vertical quill adjustment, each, approx. 150 mm
Infeed of grinding wheels via CNC 0.0001 mm
Feed of workpiece transportation device, infinitely variable 40 235 mm/sec
Grinding wheel speed, each (30 m/s) 191 - 955 rpm
Grinding spindle drive, each infinitely variable 37 kW
Total electrical load, approx. 85 kW - 380 V - 50 Hz
Weight, approx. 9,500 kg
ConditionGood Condition
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Grinding wheels x bore, each 600 mm
Grinding wheels height x width, approx. 60 mm
Workpiece dimensions:
Grinding height x grinding width, approx. 60 x 120 mm
Vertical adjustment of each grinding head 150 mm
External of workpiece carrier disk, approx. 810 mm
Feeds of rotary workpiece feed system 14 145 mm/sec
Grinding wheel speeds, each, infinitely variable 765 rpm (24 m/s)
Grinding spindle drive, each 22 kW
Total electrical load, approx. 50 kW - 380 V - 50 Hz
Total weight, approx. 7,000 kg
Accessories / Special Features:

* Rotary workpiece feed system with infinitely variable speed adjustment prepared with
workpiece carrier disk approx. dia. 800 mm with relevant workpiece shaped pockets and
after the grinding the parts will be automatically sorted out and collected in a collector box.
* IONIC Size Control Unit Model Nr. 9 So with measuring probe for the ground workpieces
and with signal for the hydraulic infeed of the grinding wheel when size is not in order.
* Automatic Dressing Device for the grinding wheels, hydraulically operated and with the automatic return of the grinding wheels after dressing cycle to the previously adjusted position and to continue the working cycle. Dressing cycle can be presetted by a timer or a manual release.
* Manually operated infeed device of the Spindle slide to optimal workpiece thickness.
* Spindle drives controlled by Ampere-Meters.
* Separate switch cabinet. * Separate hydraulic unit. * Various carrier disks, etc.
* Safety covers. * Central lubrication.
* Large Coolant device with paperbandfilter
ConditionGood Condition
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Grinding wheel : 762-65-30 mm,
Max power of wheel motor : 75 kW,
Plunge infeed speed : 0,1 - 1000 mm,
Spindle type (mounted on axially sliding quill, pre-loaded angular contact ball bearings),
Precision of spindle angular contact bearings : ABEC7 (ISO4),
Positioning precision : 0,001 mm,
Coolant delivery : 600 I/min,
Workpiece diameter : 100-600 mm,
Workpiece thickness : 20-220 mm,
Total Power (KW spindle 55 - 1470 U / min),
Floor space : 7500 x 7700 x 3000 mm,
Machine has a width of : 3500 mm,
Weight approx : 14000 kg.
Other :-
Cooling water tank with the Dimensions : 2660 x 500 x 800 mm,
Cabinet with the dimensions : 3910 x 710 x 2400 mm,
Dimensions control cabinet : 1300 x 1100 x 1750 mm,
Dimensions hydraulic unit : 1100 x 1050 x 1600 mm,
And other accessories, grinding wheels and flanges.
CNC (Siemens Sinumerik 820 G) double disc grinding machine Horizontal.
MARPOS measurement control E 9 for X-and Y-axis 380 Volt 50Hz 130kW.