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ConditionGood Condition
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Grinding diameter 1000 mm
Distance between centers 4000 mm
Maximum permissible weight of product processing:
- in thrust centers 6 tons
- in lunettes with sliding dryers -12 tons
Grinding wheel :
- dimensions 750x304.5 mm,
- width 75 mm,
- Cutting speed max. 45 m / second
- with a new grinding wheel D 750mm (400 - 1.146 rpm),
- with grinding wheel D 716 mm (400х1200 . 1 / m)
- Number of revolutions 10-70 . 1 minute
- Receiving hole for centers - taper 1:10, D-80 mm
- Quill shift - maximum 100 mm
Grinding carriage (Z axis)
Grinding slide (X-axis)
-Automatic feed when reversing: 0.01-0.09 .mm
Grinding slide (C-axis):
Automatic feed when reversing 0.001-0.009mm
Accurate feed determined by current +/- 0.3 ..A
Precise feed of electronic handwheels:
-1 division: 0.1 ..UM
(1 turn): 0.1 .mm
Form grinding (C axis)
Drawdown diameter:
36-90 mm,
160 mm,
Wet sander: 5000 liters
In 2003, modernization and replacement of CNC - BeackHoff + PC (Windows 2000, TwinCat), the alignment of the machine was carried out by "HERKULES" replacing SIEMENS servomotors to increase power.
Total power 100 kW.
Grinding wheelhead in the photo.
The machine is currently connected and functionally ready.
ConditionGood Condition
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Maximum swing over cross slide : 975 mm,
Minimum swing over cross slide : 150 mm,
Maximum grinding diameter : 850 mm,
Maximum roll length : 10668 mm,
Grinding carriage travel : 8255 mm,
Overall bed length : 13170 mm,
Overall bed width : 1549 mm,
Grinding wheel size : 502 x 152 mm,
Maximum weight of work piece : 19972 kg,
Motor power (main drive motor) : 31 kW,
Motor power (grinding system) : 28 kW,
Approximate overall machine weight : 26417 kg,
Approximate overall footprint : L - 15545 mm x 2438 m.
Equipped with :-
Siemens 810T CNC control.
Belt grinding head.
Turning tool post.
Heidenhain 403 scales.
ModelTT85 850x3000
ConditionBrand New
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Swing over the bed 850 mm, Grinding range Diameter 100-850 mm, Distance between centers 3000 mm, Weight between centers w/o Steady rest 4000 kg, Weight between centers w/steadt rest 8000 Kg Max, Standard grinding wheel size 915x100x304.8 mm Std, Grinding wheel speed 500-1400 rpm, Grinding wheel SFPM 45-60 m/s, Longitudinal travel 3000 mm, Longitudinal table transvers speed .10-6000 mm/min, Cross transverse speed 2000 mm/min, Cross feed per pulse 0.001 mm, Workhead spindle speed 7-70 RPM, Tailstock 2-Piece, Headstock and tailstock taper MT, Machine dimentions 15600x3700x1900 (all dim are in mm),Weight 26 Ton Approx. Features and Equipment: 40 HP Spindle motor, 15 HP workhead motor, Fanuc 0i-GC CNC Control, Hardened, Ground and Dynamically Balanced Nickel Chromium Wheelhead Spindle Supported by Combination Hydrodynamic Spindle Bearings, Belt driven variable speed, Live spindle workhead, Super pricision roller bearings in the workhead, two piece tailstock w/Dressing device, Air bearing device on the tailstock, Combination Hydrodynamic/Hydrostatic Bedways, Grinding wheel, Flange and puller, Dresser, Coolant systems, Lubrication oil unit, Dial gauge, Splash guard, Tool box, Telescoping sheet metal covers, Faceplate, (1) Centers, Magnetic & Paper filter and (2) 2-point Neck Rests.Additional accessories available: Extra Wheel Mount, Extra Grinding Wheel, Heavy Duty Steady Rests 6"-12" Dia