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YOM1994 / 2005
ConditionGood Condition
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The machine is scheduled for the processing of turbine blades with a length of up to
approx. 1100 mm.
The machine weighs 41 tons, requires the foundation.
The NX-255 is equipped with 5 milling spindles and allows simultaneous processing of 5 pieces.
Pieces on the side of the trolley seat longitudinal and vertical slide, vertical slide are mounted on
the rotary 5 stations that are operated in common, and the sleigh is carrying tools with individual
adjustment to the tailstock.
5-spindle machining
Circle 250 mm interference
Maximum weight of pallet approx. 50 kg
3-spindle machining
Circle 400 mm interference
Maximum weight of pallet approx. 100 kg
On the tool is the movement of the mast at right angles, the movement is rotatable with the
holding beam, which supports 5 spindles milling spindles.
The tool magazine carries 80 tools (16 sets x 5 spindles) The loading of blanks on the machine is
via an auto parts heat exchanger.
Technical Data
Longitudinal (x ') 1800 mm
Transverse (z) 400 mm
Vertical (y ') 400 mm
Rotary (A ') 360 continuous
Orientation (B) / - 40
Station head (U) 1000 mm
X ', Y', Z 'mm / min 2500
A 'g / 20 min
B g / min 3.4
U mm / min 1000
Rapid feed
X ', Z' mm / min 8000
Y 'mm / min 4000
A 'g / 20 min
B g / min 3.4
U mm / min 1000
NOTE: The apostrophe on X ', Y', Z 'means that the piece is moved.
Gear Spindle
Motor power 22 kW
Spindle power 4.4 kW
Spindle rotation in continuous r / min 50-3000
Spindle ISO 45
The machine is operational and used for production just before dismantling. Videos available
Works done:
Enhanced the stroke in 2004 (! 154,000) to bring the distance between the head station to station
by foot 1200mm to 1500mm
5 + 5 and D-axis spindles, belts, pulleys, worm gears, worm wheels, cuscinetterie, springs,
gaskets, seals.