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Length of machined crankshaft, mm 800-1400, Maximum diameter of machined crankshaft,330 mm
Maximum width of machined journals, mm 125, Diameter of machined journals, mm 65-125 , Regulable diameter of machined journals, mm 4( 6) , Maximum radius of crank, mm 100
Angular pitch (angular position of crank journals), degrees 60,72,90,120,180 , Main drive power capacity (for each drive rest of vortex device), kW, 55(75) , Cutting speed, m/min 120, Moment of feed drives (for plunging, circular feed, cross carriages travel), Nm 70 ,Nominal number of feed drive revolutions, rpm 300/500 , Feed for each cutting edge, mm/s 0.10.35 , Fast travel, m/min up to 3-5
Overall dimensions of machine with separately installed ,hydraulic and electric equipment, mm 7370x6780x3320
Mass of machine, kg 47500 , Tolerances: Diameter, mm 0.1, Bearing width, mm 0.1, Crank radius, mm, 0.1 , Angular position of crank journals, min 15 , PLC Controller system and drives SIEMENS
Hydraulic system devices REXROTH