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MakeWMW,Fritz Heckert
YOM1996/Overhauled 2011
ConditionGood Condition
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control Heidenhain TNC320, table load 15000 N, travels: lengthwise 1190 mm, crosswise 688 mm, vertical wise 540 mm (at 125 mm column rise), table clamping area 560x1600 (w x l), tool taper spindlehead 50 (cone ISA50), max. torque at milling spindle 2200 Nm, max. diameter of cutter head 315 mm, swivel area in length-vertical level +-45, path measuring system, 7 T-nuts, feeds stepless, length-, cross- and verticalwise 3-2000 mm/min, rapid movement length- and crosswise 5000 mm/min, verticalwise 2500 mm/min, spindle revolutions 1800 rpm