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Outer ball bearing (IR) 25-160mm
. Bore (IR) mn. 17mm
. Width (IR) 10-65mm
. Rotary Oscillator with AC servo actuator
. High Precision part spindle
. Pressure roller system
. Like new Condition!
. All tooling & stones Included!
Good for Anyone doing ball bearings of the range 160mm to 10mm would be in the market.
The ball bearing manufacturing process begins as a forging. The forgings are ground and then honed (superfinished). This machine is the 3rd step in that process. It has many tools that come with it and honing stones. Itís a great machine for developmental work for aircraft and other expensive accessory bearings.
It only has maybe 100 or 200 hours on it. Typically these machines are made to run 24/7 for decades without major work.