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ConditionGood Condition
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4 roll bending machine HAUESLER Tape VRM-hy 2000/57 (2007) - number of shafts - 4 - BEARINGS OF ALL 4 SHAFTS - BALL BEARINGS - roll material - 42Cr Mo 4 - length of rolls on the surface - 2040mm - preliminary bending - sheet width 2000mm maximum force on the upper roll - 760 kn - heat treatment to increase the wear resistance of the shaft material - 800-900 n / mm - drive rolls - (2nd upper and lower) - rotation drive - hydraulic motor - working speed 2-4 m / min - sheet thickness at yield point of 240 n / mm sq - when setting the edges to the full width of the sheet and bending diameter 325 mm - 11 mm - when setting the edges to the full width of the sheet and bending diameter 820 mm - 14 mm
- when setting the edges to the full width of the sheet and the bending diameter of 1640 mm - 16 mm
- flat edge with 11 mm sheet thickness - X = 2.68 X S - flat edge with 14 mm sheet thickness - X = 3.28 x S - flat edge with 14 mm sheet thickness X = 3.69 XS - closed in a circle over the entire sheet width with a bend diameter of 1500 mm - 18 mm - minimum bend diameter on the upper roll - 325 mm - cone bending possibilities - continuous bending - about 75% of the pre-bending capacity - pressing method - about 100% of the pre-bending capacity - area machines with accessories 5440 x 1630 mm - height - 1730 mm - weight - 7800 kg - diameter upper shaft 280 mm / lower shaft 280 mm / side shaft -210 mm - total power - 11 kW
ConditionGood Condition
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8" x 10" Mild steel capacity
10' 4" Usable roll length,
HP servo tronic technology
50 Dia. And 30 Dia. Top Rolls (Interchangeable)
44 Dia. Bottom Rolls
3-Roll Direct Hydraulic Motor Drive To Each Roll
20 Ft./Min. Max. Roll Speed
Hydraulic Clamping And Drop End
Roll Material: C46 High Tensile Forged Carbon Steel (Heat Treated For Hot Forming)
All Three Rolls Can Be Tilted For Cone Rolling
CNC MAV Genius Pro Controls (See Attached Detailed Specification Sheet)
No Pit Required
Parker Hydraulic Pumps @ 5000 PSI
MAV Rolls Can Be Initial Pinch Or Pyramid Configuration
Permanent Lubrication Technology
With Top Rolls Interchangeable, You Can Roll Smaller Diameter Heavy Wall Rolled Sections, 1-2 Hours To Change.
Stored In a Heated Warehouse and Recent Inspection By Factory Rep Confirmed In New Condition
Complete With Two 250 HP Motors, Electrical Controls For 460/3/60 Operation.
Equipped With:
Davi "Mav-Genius-Pro" Cnc Control
Cone Rolling (All Three Rolls Can Be Tilted)
Electronic Automatic Balancing System
Low Frame Design (Permits Rolling Small Diameter Cones)
Permanent Lubrication Technology
Independent Motors On Each Roll
All Three Motors Directly Splined On The Rolls Shaft
Three Roll Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine With Variable Axis 'MAV' The MAV Three Roll Machine Is The Most Innovative And Revolutionary Machine On The Market. It Is A Rolling Machine That Has Many Advantages Unavailable On Any Other Three Roll Machine. The MAV With Its "Variable Axis" Is The Simplest And Easiest Rolling Machine To Use. It Works As A Press In The Pre-Bending Of The Plate Edges And Is In Fact More Widely Known As The "Press-Roll". Reducing The Distance Between The Lower Lateral Rolls It Is Possible To Obtain An Excellent Flat End, In Fact The Length Of The Flat End Is Shorter Than Any Other Three Roll Machine. If The Distance Between The Lateral Rolls Is Increased, This Allows Very Thick Plates To Be Bent, Thus Increasing The Capability Of The Machine Considerably.
YOMBrand New
ConditionBrand New
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Upper roller adding pressure : 1350 ton,
Max width of roll board : 3500 mm,
The length of working rolls : 3600 mm,
Bending capability : 90 mm,
The max thickness of pre bending : 75 mm,
The min thickness of plate thickness : 12 mm,
Up roll diameter : dia 840 mm,
Down roll diameter : 440 mm,
Distance between two down rolls : 880 mm,
Drive speed : about 3.5 m/min,
Max capacity of coiled board : 255 mps,
Main motor : 110 kW,
Moving motor : 18.5 kW,
Hydraulic motor : 45 kW,
Lifting motor : 7.5 kW.
The delivery time is 100 days.
ConditionGood Condition
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Maximum bending capacity :108 mm x 3000 mm ,
Pre - bending capacity :92 mm,
Length of top roll :3100 mm,
Diameter of top roll :838 mm,
Bottom clamping roll diamension : 762 mm,
Dimeter of side rolls : 635 mm,
Rolling speeds : 20 FPM,
Main motor drive : 250 HP,
Equipped with :
Davi leonaedo CNC control with graphics, power driventop and bottom rolls , electronic synchronized parallelcontrol, low frame design for small diameter cone capability, Dynamic permanent lubrication.
ConditionBrand New
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Working length 3100 mm,
Max. rolling thickness 90 mm,
Max. pre-bend thickness 72 mm,
Installed power 125 Hp,
Top roll dia. 760 mm,
Side rolls dia 700 mm,
Width 3525 mm,
Total length 7290 mm,
Working height 2965 mm,
Weight 80000 kg.,
S. Rolls bending force 1250 tons,
Total torque 22000 kg/Dan,
Top/Lower roll max. opening 150 mm,
Rolls 42CrMMn Forged Steel,
Hardening 55-60 HRC.
Standard Equipment :
Movable Console,
Hydraulic system for opening the machine and ejecting the tube,
Safety system to conform with EC Rules.
Delivery Period : 5-6 Months.
ConditionVery good condition
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220 tons x 4000 mm, 7 axis
ConditionBrand New
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4 Plate Bending Roll,
Max. width of sheet 3000 mm,
Max. thickness of sheet 85 mm,
Prebending, depending on material 3000 x 72 mm (mild steel),
Conical bending capacity 75% - 100%,
Usefull rolls length 3100 mm,
Top rolls- 700 mm,
Bottom rolls- 640 mm,
Side rolls- 540 mm,
Roll speed up to (optional 8 m/min.) 5000 mm/min,
Drive 160 HP,
Voltage 400 V/3Ph/50 Hz,
Weight approx. 84 t.
With "Roll by Wire" and swivel guide technology.
Machine with extremely short flat edge and easy
Horizontal feeding of sheet.
Automatic sheet alignment.
Approx. 60% - 80% faster production compared with
a 3-rolls machine.
Intelligent hydraulic system with CNC - control.
Low frame design.
Permanent central lubrication.
Drive via both clamp rolls by hydraulic motor.
Clamping force control.
Standard Control Smart-Basic.
ConditionBrand New
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Maximum thickness 3000 mm, Max width 50 mm, Pro-beding thickness 40 mm, Min-rolling diameter 2800 mm,Yeild limit 345 Mpa, Rolling Speed 4.5 m/min.Machine features:1)Adopt the property of dual drive three rolling machine the two bottom rolls are driven seperate power system,eliminating the mechanical intereringvibration and abrasion from the sliding frictions and jthe bearings of the rolls are self-aligning mill-bearings,low energy consumption and noises.The reqiured power from the main motor is small,energy saving and environmental protecting.2)The syncro-lift of both ends of up roll,controlling and leveling of the gradiant of the pad batch controlling of horizontal moving are all automatically controlled via numerical controle system with high controle precision.5)Thew computer numerical controle system is self-developed and advanced in China.It has the function of screen displaying,bending calculation,program controlling,parameter storing,software protection.default alarming and human-machine dialoug,etc.