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the dia.20-110 mm bearing ring precision work, the DS-1 bearing ring automatic lathe for the single tool rest engine bed may process inside and outside the bearing ferrule's trench or the dustproof trough, the bevel edge, this engine bed is machine, the electricity, the fluid integration processing equipment, the precision is high, the structure is compact, the operation reliable, rigid, holds to do easily, the control size is precise, maintains conveniently, the production efficiency is high, and has the bearing cooling system, simultaneously may group become the assembly line work is the bearing profession automation production runs best equipment.
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DS-80 ball bearing automatic turning line combine mechatronics with oil-hydraulic and pneumatic systems which is made in shoxing yutai machine manufacture ci. ltd. and its technology introduced from Japan.
DS-80 ball bearing automatic turning line for inner and outer ring is especially suitable for inner and outer of the mimiature bearing such as 608ZZ, 6000ZZ,6201ZZ,6202ZZ, 6203ZZ, 6206.
Composing by user request different combination of line is formulated automatic or semi-automatic one for different processes the main machines and auxiliary machines are linked with conveyor.
Automatization program logic control system (PLC) is supplied for automatic operation you can put blanks into the automatic store house, the blank is automatically turn during the process 2or3 operations may inspect pars after turning by means of sampling and special auxiliary machines are equipped in the line to inspect, classify and count the work pieces one by one automatically.
Efficiency 0.5-0.6 million per month with 3 shifts turning speed 3-4 second per set.
Precision and reliability the machines adopts Japanese original the line has the supper qualify of ultra worktable the high precision of main spindle the complete bed of box, the alarm and the advanced tools and those features ensure the line's wear-ability & vibration resistant, so work pieces can obtain the high work actually and smaller size deviation.
Spindle motor: 1.5-5.5 Kg.
Rotary speed of spindle 800-230r/min,
Machining range : inner dia. 0-400mm, outer dia. 65 mm,
Max. width : 25 mm,
Feed rate : longitudinal enters 5 m/s quickly, longitudinal enters 0-1 m/s slowly, cross feed 0-3 m/s,
Main axle to with radial direction beat is smaller than 0.005 mm,
Processing metre : 2.5-3.5 seconas,
main engine wieght : 1200 kg.